What is Rapé?  (pronounced Ha`peh)

Our daily live is hectic. In the modern jungle which we live in, we become hectic ourselves.
What everyone longs for in this madness is to experience peace and harmony. How?

With Rapé a harmonizing and cleansing medicinal plant. From the indigenous people of Brazil.

Rapé is a shamanic snuff made from fermented tobacco. Which is combined with ashes from trees, plants, seeds and oils. Rapé is used to ground and center us. In the modern world we use it after a hard day of work, to relive stress, sending our prayers and use before meditation. It prepares them physically, mentally and spiritually for receiving sacred medicines. Which are an essential part of their culture and history.

Rapé is not sniffed. Instead it is administered to the nose. Using a traditional blowpipe named Kuripe or Tepi.



A Kuripe is used to administer to your self.


A Tepi is used to administer someone else.

How to use Rapé

Rapé is blown in each of the nostrils one after the other. With an applicator called “Kuripe,” it is used to blow the powder into your own nose. Another applicator is called “Tepi,” this one is used to share with others, by blowing Rapè into somebody’s nostrils.

The intense blow immediately concentrates the mind. Gossip of the mind stops and space is cleared to open your mind for your intentions. This helps releasing emotional, physical and spiritual illness. It also reduces negativity. Enabling a deep focus of the mind. Shamans use Rapé likewise, to re-align with their energy channels. To intensify their connection to nature, the world, the universe and their higher selves.

Our advice is to start with a pea-sized amount of Rapè for both nostrils. For beginners we recommend starting with a mild Rapé like Murici(still strong), and after a period increasing the dosage. For the more experienced or to use in ceremony’s, to go deeper or for healing. We suggest trying stronger Rapé blends and quantities like Pitakaya and 7 Herbs.

Take a moment for yourself, connect with respect and enjoy finding out which rape connects the best with you.

Together with the shaman’s we put our prayers and love in all the blends for you.

Enjoy and relax!

Haux Haux!